Ginkgo Creative Residency 2019: Andrea Ling

Photo of Andrea Ling. Photo by Ally Schmaling.
Cocoon for bio-transformation made of laser cut chitosan-cellulose composite. Photo by Ally Schmaling.
Formed tripod structure using enzymatic degradation as subtractive fabrication tool. Photo by Ally Schmaling.

The Ginkgo Creative Residency exists as a platform that genuinely integrates innovative, creative practices within the technical and industrial realm of synthetic biology based at its foundry in Boston, Massachusetts. Our role as curators is to find and recruit practitioners working at the forefront of their discipline and enable them to embed their practice in an industrial-biology environment.

We are captivated by the implications of Andrea Ling’s Living in a World of Waste project. Her compelling research reimagines waste as a design opportunity. Andrea’s goal on the residency was to explore how to organize decay, using enzymes, fungus, bacteria and other biological agents as ways of decomposing and composing matter at the same time. Read more about Andrea’s experience at Ginkgo Bioworks and the project she developed as our 2019 residency here.

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