Other Biological Futures | Issue 4, Journal of Design & Science. Edited by Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Natsai Audrey Chieza, Chido Govera, Josh Evans and Justinas Vilutis

Other Biological Futures: Thinking Edibility Otherwise

MIT Media Lab, MIT Press

How does biodesign intersect with food, agriculture, and edible ecology? Josh Evans is a PhD student at Oxford and former lead researcher at famed restaurant noma’s research institute, the Nordic Food Lab, in Copenhagen. He’s previously researched eating insects (see the documentary film Bugs, or the book On Eating Insects, published by Phaidon), and is currently researching what happens to microbes when we mix them in new ways in new places for new flavours. Chido Govera is a Zimbabwean social entrepreneur, farmer, campaigner, educator, and founder of The Future of Hope Foundation. In her work she reaches out through food to women and girls across Africa and beyond, enabling them to provide for their primary needs as the first and most important step to engage them in socio-economic development and to reach their full potential. From growing oyster mushrooms to harvesting termites, grilling weeds, seasoning sadza, and distilling mazhanje fruits, Josh and Chido discuss the connections between flavour, edibility, diversity, eco-culinary knowledge, and how “denaturalising” and “decolonising” edibility can point us towards more desirable food futures.

For full article go to Other Biological Futures.


Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
Natsai Audrey Chieza


Conversation: Chido Govera, Josh Evans & Justinas Vilutis
Photography: Justinas Vilutis


Journal of Design & Science
Issue 4
Other Biological Features

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