Other Biological Futures | Issue 4, Journal of Design & Science. Edited by Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Natsai Audrey Chieza, Suzanne Lee, Christina Agapakis and Justinas Vilutis

Other Biological Futures: Design With Science

MIT Media Lab, MIT Press

Christina Agapakis has a PhD in synthetic biology from Harvard University. In 2015 she became Creative Director of the leading biotechnology startup Ginkgo Bioworks, which designs organisms for applications in food and agriculture, consumer products, and medicine. Suzanne Lee is a designer with a background in fashion and digital arts. Through her research project Biocouture™, which she began in 2003, Suzanne established microbial cellulose as a medium for grown textile materials. Since 2014, she has been Chief Creative Officer of the biotech company Modern Meadow, making biofabricated leather materials under the brand name Zoa™ for partners in the luxury industry and beyond.

Christina and Suzanne are pioneers in biodesign, possibly the first creative leads in biotechnology companies. But as a scientist doing design, and a designer in science, and as women in a male-dominated industry, both are simultaneously insiders and outsiders. Why have they left familiar spaces to show that design in–or better, with–science is valuable, and their work is more than just the design of science? In this conversation, they explore those distinctions and discuss the opportunities and challenges in the burgeoning area of biodesign.

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Dr. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
Natsai Audrey Chieza


Conversation: Suzanne Lee & Christina Agapakis
Photography: Justinas Vilutis


Journal of Design & Science
Issue 4
Other Biological Features

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