Ferment.TV | Episode 12: Communicating Uncertainty: COVID & Climate Change | Alice Bell, Maggie Koerth, Christina Agapakis (moderator) | Produced and edited by Faber Futures in collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks | Graphic Design by Marta Urbez.

Ferment TV | 12. Communicating Uncertainty: COVID & Climate Change

Ginkgo Bioworks,
2020 -

The final broadcast of the first Ferment.TV season explored strategies for communicating uncertainty. The climate campaigner and writer Alice Bell, co-director at the climate action charity Possible and author of “Can We Save the Planet?” speaks with Maggie Koerth, award-winning senior science reporter for FiveThirtyEight.

In a conversation moderated by Ginkgo Creative Director Christina Agapakis, they delve into ways of humanizing COVID-19 and climate change in order to build trust and bring about collective action.


Ginkgo Bioworks


Alice Bell

Maggie Koerth

Moderator: Christina Agapakis (Ginkgo Bioworks)




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