Ferment.TV | Episode 10: Food Futures | Arielle Johnson, Selassie Atadika, Sudeep Agarwala, Christina Agapakis (moderator) | Produced and edited by Faber Futures in collaboration with Ginkgo Bioworks | Graphic Design by Marta Urbez.

Ferment TV | 10. Food Futures

Ginkgo Bioworks,
2020 -

Dr Arielle Johnson is the former in-house R&D scientist at the world’s best restaurant Noma and the current Science Officer on Alton Brown’s Food Network show Good Eats. Selassie Atadika is a chef and founder of Midunu, a private dining enterprise in Ghana, Accra. Dr Sudeep Agarwala is a Program Director and Biological Engineer at Ginkgo Bioworks, specializing in yeast genetics and molecular biology.

In a roundtable discussion marking the 10th episode and moderated by Christina Agapakis, Arielle, Selassie and Sudeep mapped out connections between microbial, sensorial, and decolonial food systems.


Ginkgo Bioworks


Arielle Johnson

Selassie Atadika

Sudeep Agarwala

Moderator: Christina Agapakis (Ginkgo Bioworks)






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