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Faber Futures x TED Circles

By Magdalena Obmalko

TED Circles is an open platform of small groups that meet for conversations about ideas all around the world. It’s a new TED initiative where hosts invite friends, neighbours, colleagues, strangers – many who’ve never attended TED or TEDx events – to discuss a variety of interesting topics based on curated theme/talks from TED headquarters.

This month at Faber Futures we hosted our very first TED Circles themed #TheFuture through the lens of three ted talks by Bina Venkataraman, Anab Jain & Anthony Goldbloom. These talks shaped our discussion on heirlooms for the next generation and the future of society in the age of automation.

All the guests brought insights from their backgrounds in engineering, graphic communication, architecture, fashion and product design, highlighting how so much value emanates from learning together and from each other. Our intention is to foster an inclusive and open community that explores thought-provoking ideas and thinks loud together. Keep an eye out for our next #tedcircles event to register to join us – we will be posting multiple reminders once we’ve picked our next theme, date and location!


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